Jim Dyson is 74 years old and is a true example of old-fashioned pride in craftsmanship and work ethics. Having learned the trade of custom sign making from his father who manufactured neon, plastic and hand painted signs, Jim loved the commercial painted sign industry the most and excelled in signing businesses through the San Francisco Bay Area for generations.

In the 1960’s Jim served his apprenticeship to master his hand painting and then finally perfected the art of gold leaf, which is rarely used today due to the cost of gold. Once Jim had the skills needed to make it he started his own company on July, 1 1974 named Signco.

Signco has succeeded in an industry that has completely changed over the years. Today almost all work is produced by computer and printed on special printers, there is virtually no hand lettering done anymore.

In January 2013 Jim suffered a stroke which has left him blind in the left hemisphere of his vision. Jim’s recovery has been slow but steady. Even though the stroke has affected his vision and memory it has not stopped his ability to continue to create custom signage

Jim Dyson’s signs are everywhere and he has continued to make a positive impact to his community through his craftsmanship and attention to detail. From housing developments and apartment complexes to retail establishments and fundraising events, Jim’s signs are built to last and will continue to make visual impressions to everyone who sees them.